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     Jonathan K. Archie is best described as a man with the heart of God for this generation.  He has been given an assignment by God to reach out and touch the lives of the hurting, the hopeful, the discouraged and encouraged alike.  Jonathan has a desire and vision to reach all people, domestic and foreign for the Lord Jesus Christ.  He has been assigned the task of edifying and strengthening believers throughout the Body of Christ.  Jonathan K. Archie's ministry  is dedicated to the call and purpose of God.  He has a heart of Soul-winning.


    This dynamic and charismatic man of God operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit with a powerful magnetic mantle.  He is an anointed preacher, psalmist, singer, songwriter and author.  He has published 2 books.  Jonathan's first book is entitled "The Process", published in 2005 and his second book entitled "You Can Overcome It" was released in the Summer of 2013.  Whether he is singing or preaching, his life and ministry bears the seal of God's Favor and Power.

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