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You Can Overcome It
by Jonathan K. Archie

We live in a time where many are struggling to maintain some kind of order in their everyday lives.  We live in a time where the pressure of life makes it a battle of survival.  Does this sound like your story or one of someone you know?


From time to time, we may even ask ourselves: Are we ever going to overcome the obstacles we face or will we have to learn how to cope with them?  We live in a culture and society that has become aquainted with coping with adversity and settling for the absolute worst outcome that challenges can bring.  The devil is out to assasinate our faith and trust in God.  We have two choices: either we "fight the good fight of faith" and lay hold to eternal life or "faint in the day of adversity."  We must choose to fight.


God wants you to know that He has empowered you to overcome every challenge you face.  You have been created to live in victory not some days of your life, but everyday of your life. 


Come with me on a journey to discover the power that is available to help you live your best life!


The Process
by Jonathan K. Archie

Author Jonathan K. Archie shows us life as God's process - a continual process of learning, understanding and discovering new things.  From time to time, we encounter ideas, facts, or situations that are inconsistent with our revered beliefs or perception of what we've learned.  When this happens we either change our beliefs or defend them by rejecting this new information.  Our decision to be open-minded has to be made continuously.  Choices, not chances, determine our destiny - good, bad or indifferent.


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